Tetrate has completed a rebrand and unveiled a new website that set the foundation for what we are building: visionary technology for the distributed systems that connect the world’s services. We provide solutions to manage and modernize services quickly and safely without breaking down existing infrastructure to address the immediate needs of our customers. Our new website highlights our two product offerings: Tetrate Istio Subscription and our flagship product, Tetrate Service Bridge.

Our new look 

The name “Tetrate” comes from tetration, the mathematical operation that involves infinite exponentiation. Einstein is credited with the idea that you can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it, and that concept cuts right to the core of what Tetrate is about with our next-level, mesh-layered, app-centric approach to IT. Exponential growth in enterprise tech needs a next-level partner who can manage that growth.

 While reflecting on our identity and values, we realized that we had outlived our old logo. We wanted to create a logo that would be more unique and extensible than our last. This exercise has been an opportunity for us to reflect on our identity and translate our core values– open-source, authenticity, efficiency, empathy, and expressive, vigorous discourse– into all that we do.

 Our new logo is an upward-facing arrow that is also a T. It is a set of nodes connected by lines to represent a network. The central orange node represents the spark of the Tetrand who is a visionary, an artist, and a rule-breaker who “boldly goes” into the frontier ahead. 

What this means for you

The only change you will see is a different visual representation of Tetrate’s brand. You will continue to see the values that we stand for represented throughout our company – in people, in products, and in projects. Our commitment to open source, authenticity, efficiency, and empathy will manifest in the fine-grained details of what we do to support the open-source community, be socially responsible, and connect all the world’s services.

Continuous improvement is a constant at Tetrate and we will continue to evolve our brand and products. We value the partnership and participation of our team, advisors, and customers to help us grow and build the next generation of technology we’re just beginning to deliver.