Security remains one of the primary drivers behind service mesh adoption today. In this virtual webinar to be held Oct. 21 at 11 a.m. (PDT), U.S. Air Force CSO Nicolas M. Chaillan will join Tetrate’s Zack Butcher to discuss “DevSecOps and IT Innovation with the Department of Defense.”

The U.S. Department of Defense Platform One team is using an Istio service mesh to provide both encryption in transit as well as end-user authentication via SSO for applications across the Department of Defense. Platform One is part of the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative (DSOP), which Chaillan leads.

In this webinar, Chaillan and Butcher will dig into the practical challenges involved in deploying the Istio ecosystem’s authservice, which implements Envoy’s external auth API to provide SSO, and the design considerations that went into making the system incredibly simple for application teams running on Platform One to consume. 

Tetrate, the enterprise service mesh company, is working with Platform One to:

  • support and train its ops and engineering teams
  • operationalize service mesh best practices in all their deployments
  • build in-app and user-level security permissions, encryption in transit, enhanced identity and access controls, and provide runtime observability
  • optimize performance with traffic routing and steering
  • and deliver a feature-rich mesh fabric through its flagship mesh platform, Tetrate Service Bridge.

As the co-lead for the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative (DSOP) with the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer and the United States Air Force’s Senior Software Czar, Nicolas Chaillan is responsible for enabling Air Force programs in the transition to Agile and DevSecOps to establish force-wide DevSecOps capabilities and best practices, including continuous Authority to Operate (c-ATO) processes and faster-streamlined technology adoption.

Zack Butcher, Tetrate founding engineer, is an Istio contributor and member of its steering committee. He is co-author of Istio Up and Running (O’Reilly, 2019); (free download of this edition is available only through Oct. 17, 2020) as well as NIST SP 800-204a, which defines service mesh security standards. One of the earliest engineers on Istio, Butcher worked on its policy, telemetry, and networking. He helped design and implement the core APIs and abstractions Istio presents to users.

For more information on how service mesh enables Zero Trust Architecture, check out the sessions presented at the January 2020 conference Tetrate co-presented with NIST on Identity Management and Access Control for Multi-Cloud

Join us to hear about the Defense Department’s use of Istio, its move to DevSecOps, and its commitment to open source. Questions can be submitted live or in advance. Register now