Tetrate is a leading enterprise service mesh company that enables customers to have a safe and fast application modernization journey. We were recently named a 2022 Forbes America’s Best Startup Employer after being evaluated for employer reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth. Grow with us and complete our ‘mesh’!

The Frontend team at Tetrate focuses on building immersive experiences, empowering many personas to manage the Application traffic of complex network infrastructure across cloud providers and on-premise deployments. 

We breathe ReactJs, with TypeScript, React Hooks, and Styled components that help us keep pushing towards high-performance UI/UX. An incredible fusion of data and metrics with powerful visualizations using d3.js is a core part of what we develop. Our UIs offer powerful alerting, notifications, observability, monitoring, and tracing through deep interactions with tracing platforms such as ZIPKIN and observability platforms such as Apache SkyWalking.

Any experience is not complete without comprehensive documentation, and we offer a platform that helps manage authored and generated documentation for our products. Effective use of node.js, YAML configs for orchestrating content across repositories, and Docusarus provide a complete and seamless documentation experience for engineers and a great viewing experience for our customers.


What You’ll Do:

  • Build and constantly enhance high-performance UIs such as dashboards, large scale config management, impressive visualizations involving vast volumes of data, and seamlessly weave data and metrics from multiple sources
  • Optimizing HTTP requests, balancing reuse vs usability, reducing wasted re-renders, smaller code bundles, faster CI/CD pipelines, maximizing automated testing, and effective support tooling is our daily focus, that drives us to design and code great user experiences.   


Skills You Have:

  • JavaScript type-system (e.g. TypeScript, Flow).
  • Data visualization (e.g. real-time charts, efficient asynchronous data flow).
  • You have a solid understanding of core web and browser concepts (e.g. how does JavaScript handle asynchronous code).
  • You have a working knowledge of when and how to make your code scale effectively.
  • Proactive in taking ownership of tasks and taking them to completion.
  • You desire to learn and continually give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Our values of collaboration, results, efficiency, diversity, iteration, and transparency resonate with you.
  • You have experience optimizing code and looking for ways to resolve performance issues.
  • Experience contributing to open-source software.
  • Fundamentals-based problem-solving skills; Drive decision by function, first principles-based mindset. We are not “title” driven and we value results over process
  • Demonstrate bias-to-action and avoid analysis-paralysis; Drive action to the finish line with high quality and on time
  • You are ego-less when searching for the best ideas; You contribute effectively outside of your specialty; You think about solving problems from the standpoint of the best outcome for the team.  
  • Values autonomy and results over process

Location: Worldwide – We are a 100% globally distributed company.