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This 1-day virtual conference will focus on DevSecOps and ZTA as foundational approaches in multi-cloud environments. These approaches facilitate rapid secure application development, promote interoperability, and mitigate threats in a perimeter-less environment. The emphasis for the conference will be on the delivery of DevSecOps and ZTA constructs through the use of a “service mesh architecture” – a high-assurance operational infrastructure. These assurances are made available through new toolsets and open-source SDKs, that, through configuration and API calls, enable features such as mutual TLS, secure service discovery, security monitoring, network resilience, and authentication and access control at the client, service, and data level.

The conference program will feature presentations by experts on service mesh architecture and leaders in DevSecOps and ZTA deployment and demonstration of proof of concept use cases in multi-cloud environments. Presentations will address the following themes:

    • Mitigating insider threat and “man in the middle” attacks;
    • DevSecOps and ZTA tools, analysis of effectiveness, and deployment experience;
    • Elimination of tight coupling between code implementing application logic and application services using service proxies; and
    • Supporting agile Authority to Operate (ATO).

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Conference date: January 27, 2021
Time: 11:00am – 5:30pm ET

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The conference has closed.
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