What’s Your App SCOR?

App Security, Connectivity, Observability, and Reliability—are the touchstones on your journey to application modernization. Tetrate Service Bridge enables management of all four dimensions of your App SCOR.


Simplify policy enforcement by extending the capabilities of a service mesh to your entire application fleet. App-level zoning allows for secure, fine-grained segmentation. Vetted workflows allow application, platform, and infosec teams to effectively manage policies for the entire organization. A centralized view of config changes with policy controls enables audit and continuous proof of compliance.


Tetrate Service Bridge is built specifically for heterogeneous, multi-site deployments, enabling seamless cross-cluster communication. Control how traffic arrives at your clusters with edge and application gateways. Manage application connectivity with simple, consistent workflows, regardless of where they’re deployed.


Gain a comprehensive view of your entire application infrastructure to understand dependencies and health at a glance. Deliver app-specific alerts to the right teams with correlated metrics, traces, and service lifecycle events. Give app teams the context they need to pinpoint problems and dramatically reduce mean time to recovery. Tetrate Service Bridge also makes it easy to apply SLOs globally across your fleet.


Ensure business continuity with the built-in scalability and high-availability capabilities of Tetrate Service Bridge, layered over Istio’s reliability primitives. TSB provides a distributed, autoscaling ingress layer across your applications plus tools to manage transparent failover—from a manual “big red button” to touch-free, automatic failover. View the context of your applications, their dependencies, and where they’re deployed to understand global health and manage SLOs across your entire fleet. Be sure your teams can measure how their apps behave and have the tools to respond to their operational needs.

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