Tetrate Enterprise Gateway for Envoy—the cloud-native service gateway—has reached 1.0!

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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh
Multi-Cloud Environments

Multi-Cloud Environments Get Complicated

Tetrate’s Istio-powered service mesh simplifies application networking and security across any cloud or Kubernetes platform.
Service Mesh Tools For Microservices

Customers Use Tetrate to Reduce Complexity, Enhance Security and Innovate

What Customers Are Saying

“Tetrate’s FIPS-140-2 government-ready service mesh has everything you need to run Istio and Envoy in highly regulated and mission-critical environments where security is paramount.”
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“Tetrate helped us achieve FIPS compliance, enhance security and simplify the complexity of scaling on Amazon EKS.”
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“Tetrate Service Bridge allowed us to migrate flawlessly to a microservices architecture and K8s without compromising security, business continuity or developer productivity.”
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See how you can leverage Tetrate to connect, manage and secure modern applicaitonss and services, for workloads running on a public or private cloud and any Kubernetes platform.