Modernize your applications with service mesh

Multi-cluster, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud

Connect and manage applications across clusters, clouds, and data centers. Coordinate app connectivity across heterogeneous infrastructure from a single management plane.

Multi-cluster management
Application modernization services

Hybrid workloads: cloud native & traditional

Integrate traditional workloads into your cloud-native application infrastructure

Multi tenancy management tool
Multi tenancy architecture


Create tenants within your business to define fine-grained access control and editing rights for teams on shared infrastructure. Audit the history of changes to services and shared resources from day zero.

Microservices security architecture
Tenant Management System

Zero-trust connectivity, consistently across your app fleet

Out-of-the-box conformance with NIST standards for microservices security—SP 800-204a and SP 800-204b, co-authored by NIST and Tetrate engineers—and implementation of Next Generation Access Control  (NGAC).

Microservices security architecture
Secure Microservices Architecture

Seamless Traffic Shifting

Automate traffic shifting across failure domains before your customers notice.

Traffic shifting Istio
Network traffic management

Our Products

Tetrate Istio Subscription
  • Upstream and FIPS-compatible Istio distribution
  • 24×7 support and priority bug fixes
  • Access to global Istio experts
  • Tested across all major Kubernetes distros
  • Architecture validation for optimal App SCOR
Tetrate Service Bridge
  • Comprehensive application connectivity platform
  • Multi-cluster, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud
  • Centralized, multi-tenant management of cloud-native and traditional apps in any environment
  • Enterprise support
  • Self managed

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Learn Istio Fundamentals Course

Tetrate Academy

Tetrate presents Istio Fundamentals, a course that enables users to learn Istio easily with concept text, labs, and quizzes. Istio is an open-source service mesh platform that helps microservices communicate with each other easily.
Apache SkyWalking

Apache SkyWalking: free eBook

Download the Apache SkyWalking in Action, an ebook that will be your guide to achieving observability at scale.
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