Tetrate Enterprise Gateway for Envoy—the cloud-native service gateway—has reached 1.0!

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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh

About Tetrate

We are on a mission to transform application networking and security for the modern, multi-cloud era.

Service Mesh - Software Layer
Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi (JJ) and Varun Talwar - Founding Story

Our Founding Story

Tetrate was founded in 2018 by Varun Talwar, who previously served as the founding product manager on the Istio and gRPC projects at Google and Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi (JJ), who previously led Twitter’s Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform team. Together, they started Tetrate with a vision to help Platform teams and Developers safely and reliably transform their infrastructure for the modern, multi-cloud era.

When enterprises modernize their application development strategies in order to serve millions of users globally and improve developer efficiency, platform operations management becomes even more crucial for businesses to run efficiently and reliably. DevOps and Platform teams often need to provision and take operational actions on hundreds of thousands of applications and resources daily while maintaining safety and compliance – as well as leveraging the speed of innovation that the cloud brings. Enter the service mesh.

Core Values

We at Tetrate believe culture is a set of repeated set behavior by a large number of people over a long period of time that aligns with core values. Culture we believe will evolve over time adapting to business needs without compromising the core values.

Open Ethos

Free, open, worldwide collaboration is the font of innovation. Open source is about community, code, and commitment to excellence. We value our people, who join us from many paths and places, whose collaborations dissolve boundaries of role, culture and time zone. We are all continuous learners who solve hard customer problems by combining the best ideas and the best of open source.


We bring life and spirit to our work and share the awesome things we encounter in our field. We foster an environment of debate and discourse where no one is afraid to contribute. We speak candidly about mistakes; we expect them to happen and see them as opportunities to learn.


We set personal ego aside to be in service of what’s best for the company, our products or our clients. We look out for teammates and celebrate each other’s successes. Best processes and products follow naturally from addressing the needs of others.


We favor efficient processes, elegant solutions, and necessity-based execution. We recognize and maximize the resources we have. We act and iterate quickly, supporting a culture of prompt action.

Leadership Team


We are proud to have the support of some of the world’s leading venture capital firms, including:


Tetrate’s Application Networking and Security Platform runs on AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP and Open Shift with deep integration into each provider’s infrastructure, data and AI services.

Technology partners integrate with Tetrate to deliver solutions and business innovation faster.

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Join our fast growing team. We’re looking for problem solvers, builders and innovators who love open source and pushing technological boundaries.

Tetrate is headquartered in Silicon Valley with a world-wide, remote workforce.

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