The Genesis of Istio and Envoy

Varun Talwar and Matt Klein talk about the beginnings of their journey with Istio and Envoy – what the project objectives were and how they came together to create service mesh.

1. Origins of Envoy

2. Envoy Meets Istio

Customers & Partners

“Great things in business are never done by one person”

(Steve Jobs)

We partnered with Tetrate to help secure and smoothly operate Platform One with Istio. Platform One works with the most critical systems across the DoD. The Tetrate team and their platform has provided world class expertise, trained our team members, reviewed our platform architecture and configurations, and helped with debugging and upgrades. We’re getting excellent production support for running our platform smoothly and we rely on them for a critical layer of our stack

(Nicolas Chaillan, Chief Software Officer, USAF)

Tetrate, via Istio and their platform has enabled end to end encryption and PCI compliance for our AWS EKS workloads and also helped improve our operational efficiency

(Jeet Kaul, VP of Engineering)

Square’s infrastructure relies heavily on best-of-breed open source service mesh technologies Envoy and Istio that are fast becoming de facto standards. We rely on these both in the datacenter (for Square’s Seller business) as well as in the cloud (for CashApp) to provide a high degree of reliability in load distribution, service discovery and routing, with industry-leading security features. Working closely with Tetrate has helped us achieve these benefits

(Manik Surtani, Engineering Director)

With GetEnvoy’s stable upstream packages, we’re saving time, effort, and computing resources, which enables us to continue to advance our internal systems. In the past, keeping up with changes in the upstream build process was a labor-intensive activity with limited value to our team.

(Eric Lee, Staff Software Engineer, GitHub)

With the help of Tetrate, we’ve adopted incrementally and are now successfully running Istio in production.

Tetrate has been a pioneer in the enterprise service mesh space through contributions to Envoy, Istio, and the broader CNCF ecosystem.

(Chris Aniszczyk, CNCF)


We are backed by some amazing investors partners who believe in our vision and are a constant
source of encouragement.

Jai Das

President, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Sapphire

Deepak Jeevankumar

Managing Director, Dell Technologies Capital

Ariel Tseitlin & Eric Anderson

Partner and Principal, Scale Ventures Partners


We are backed by some amazing investors partners who believe in our vision and are a constant source of encouragement.

Mark Rostick & Nick Washburn

Senior Managing Directors, Intel

Raymond Liao

Vice President, Managing Director, Samsung Next

Bhaskar Ghosh

Partner and CTO, 8VC

Fay Hazaveh Costa

Partner, NTTVC