ShardingSphere-Proxy: MySQL-Sharding
Apache SkyWalking

SkyWalking’s New Storage Feature Based on ShardingSphere-Proxy: MySQL-Sharding

As an application performance monitoring tool for distributed systems, Apache SkyWalking observes metrics, logs, traces, and events in the service mesh.

SkyWalking OAP’s dataflow processing architecture boasts high performance and is capable of dealing with massive data traffic in real-time. However, storing, updating, and querying massive amounts of data poses a great challenge to its backend storage system.

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Apache SkyWalking application performance monitoring tool
Apache SkyWalking, Open Source, Tetrate

SkyWalking 8.4 provides infrastructure monitoring for VMs

Apache SkyWalking– the APM tool for distributed systems–  has historically focused on providing observability around tracing and metrics, but service performance is often affected by the host. The newest release, SkyWalking 8.4.0, introduces a new feature for monitoring virtual machines. Users can easily detect possible problems from the dashboard– for example, when CPU usage is overloaded, when there’s not enough memory or disk space, or when the network status is unhealthy, etc.

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