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Trying out Istio’s DNS Proxy

You may have heard that DNS functionality was added in Istio 1.8, but you might not have thought about the impact it has. It solves some key issues that exist within Istio and allows you to expand your mesh architecture to include multiple clusters and virtual machines. An excellent explanation of the features can be found on the Istio website. In short, it enables seamless integration across multiple clusters and Virtual Machines. In this article, we’ll test out the new features and hopefully explain more about what is happening under the hood.

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Mesh Gateway
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Embrace the Mesh Gateway

With the popularity of service mesh at an all time high, it is important to think about how it might affect your current architecture. You might think you have to completely rework your environment, that it might not be “mesh ready.” But in fact you can integrate a service mesh into your current stack and make it work for your organization.

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