Tetrate Istio Distro Deployment through EKS add-ons
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Announcing Tetrate Istio Distro Deployment through EKS add-ons: Simplifying Istio on EKS

Today, we are excited to announce that Tetrate Istio Distro (TID) is deployable as an add-on for Amazon EKS. Istio is the de facto standard for running service mesh on top of Kubernetes, and AWS EKS is one of the most popular ways to run Kubernetes. Tetrate’s TID is the first Istio distro deployable using EKS add-on commands, and this new capability makes it super simple to run Tetrate’s hardened, FIPS-compliant, and fully upstream Istio distribution everywhere EKS is available. By making TID available as an add-on, we are making it easier for organizations to productionize Istio, reduce operational complexity, and ultimately achieve application security and modernization goals faster. In this blog, I will show you how to get started with this new EKS add-on.

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Deploying Tetrate Service Bridge for Hybrid Infrastructures Spanning Amazon EKS Anywhere and Amazon EKS on the Cloud

One of the strengths of Kubernetes is its flexibility in terms of the target infrastructure on which it can be deployed. It can be rolled out on anything from a tiny cluster running on a laptop to large, multi-national scale-out infrastructure. Applications that run on such scaled-out infrastructure often require support for multiple clusters, regions, and even multiple cloud providers. Among our enterprise customers, we also see a trend of migrating from monolithic architectures for their applications to microservices.

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AWS + Tetrate
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Tetrate now available in AWS Marketplace

For most organizations, modernizing enterprise applications is a journey. During this journey, it’s not uncommon for applications to migrate from datacenters to clouds, VMs to containers, with concerns and requirements spanning from edge to workload and everywhere in between––often all at the same time. Istio, the most widely deployed and de facto standard service mesh, helps enterprises manage application modernization along every step of that journey. And now, Tetrate Istio Subscription (TIS) is available for Amazon customers on the AWS Marketplace, making it the first hardened Istio subscription with enterprise support available there.

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AWS + Tetrate
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EKS is Anywhere and so is Tetrate

Tetrate works with Amazon EKS and EKS Anywhere to bring seamless connectivity and management to Kubernetes applications both on-premises and in the cloud. One of Tetrate’s founding goals is to enable our customers to manage their applications everywhere––from edge to workload, between services and VMs, in datacenters and the cloud––and to do it securely, reliably, and scalably while providing a consistent experience to IT ops and developers across these environments.

That goal aligns perfectly with EKS Anywhere, Amazon’s new Kubernetes offering that reaches beyond AWS. Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed compute platform for containers that allows customers to avoid the undifferentiated heavy lifting involved in using roll-your-own Kubernetes to run modern applications on AWS. EKS Anywhere is a new deployment option for Amazon EKS that enables customers to easily create and operate Kubernetes clusters on-premises, including virtual machines (VMs) and bare metal servers. With EKS Anywhere, Amazon offers its customers a consistent Kubernetes experience both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Tetrate x AWS
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Tetrate works with ECS Anywhere to bring seamless connectivity on prem and cloud

Technological progress never stops, and the goal of any enterprise architecture is to build harmony between multiple technologies. Merge them together, take the best of each, and use those technologies to become more efficient in your particular business area. Also, the intent is to simplify: Make different stacks work for you instead of spending all your time managing different pillars of your infrastructure.

AWS ECS Anywhere (ECS-A) is one of those cases where customers get the best of all worlds: a cloud-hosted and managed stack– extended to your on-premise data center– and running tasks inside of Docker containers on the hardware hosted in your datacenter.

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TSB CI/CD Pipeline on Gitlab deploying application in AWS

As code gets signed off by a developer, it goes to the infrastructure teams that deploy it in the dev/test environment and then validate it via a number of tests. The developer’s skill set usually doesn’t include knowledge of Kubernetes, service mesh parameters, or Ingress gateways. Beyond knowledge, there is usually enterprise grade separation of roles: the developer shouldn’t have access to the network configuration, unnecessary monitoring tools, and certainly not security objects such as certificates.                           

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Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) brings enterprise grade Istio to Amazon EKS and EKS-D
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Tetrate expands AWS partnership to bring enterprise grade Istio for EKS and EKS Distro

Tetrate’s partnership with AWS, with today’s announcement of Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D), provides their joint customers with unified application connectivity and security across workloads, on-premises and on AWS cloud. EKS-D was unveiled at re:Invent 2020 as a Kubernetes offering that can run on-premises, in data centers owned or operated by customers. There are several benefits to EKS-D that we believe will be useful for customers in accelerating, streamlining, and unifying the efforts needed to modernize their applications and cloud migration. 

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Service Mesh - Managing Service-to-Service
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451’s take on service mesh: The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of modern software

Analysts Jean Atelsek and William Fellows of 451 Research give their take on the role of service mesh as a cloud-native enabler, calling it a potential “Swiss Army Knife of modern-day software, solving for the most vexing challenges of distributed microservices based applications.”


The role of service mesh as a cloud-native enabler is building fast

In a multi-cloud, hybrid IT architecture world, where applications are deployed as microservices, the use of service meshes is becoming an important (although not mandatory) component of cloud- native architecture. Early deployments of the technology – which promises network routing, security and configuration control for microservices-based applications – are largely based on open source code, with Envoy emerging as a de facto standard data plane.

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BusinessWire – Tetrate works with Amazon Web Services to bring enterprise-grade Envoy to AWS App Mesh users

Tetrate, the recently launched enterprise service mesh company, today announced its support for the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) App Mesh, a cloud service that makes it easy to run microservices by providing consistent visibility and network traffic controls for each microservice in an application. The two companies will demonstrate AWS App Mesh and Tetrate GetEnvoy for Global 2000 enterprises for the first time at Service Mesh Day on March 29, 2019 in San Francisco.

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SDxCentral – Amazon’s Werner Vogels: Dance like nobody’s watching. Encrypt like everyone is

AWS also rolled out new tools that make it easier for developers to navigate this new world across compute instances, containers, and serverless applications. One of these is App Mesh, a service mesh that allows customers to monitor and control communications across applications running in AWS Fargate (its serverless containers product), EC2 (compute instances), ECS (containers), Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (managed Kubernetes containers), or Kubernetes.

It’s generally available today, and integrates with Tetrate, Datadog, HashiCorp, Sysdig, and SignalFx.

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