At KubeCon Barcelona this May 20-23, 2019, 7,700 attendees gathered to discuss emerging trends in cloud native computing, microservices architectures and container orchestration. Tetrate, which offers enterprise-ready service mesh solutions for networking and observability, was proud to send four of its engineers to participate in five of the scheduled sessions.

Lizan Zhou, who is both a founding engineer at Tetrate and a senior maintainer of Envoy, led both an “Intro to Envoy” session…

Lizan Zhou, “Intro to Envoy”

…and a “Deep Dive into Envoy” focused on extensability.

Lizan Zhou, “Deep Dive into Envoy”

Tetrate engineer Dhi Aurrahman, also an Envoy maintainer, teamed up with Google’s John Plevyak to deliver a session entitled “Extending Envoy with WebAssembly.” Although Envoy, the L7 proxy and communication bus, is designed to be extensible, there are currently limited approaches to introducing new functionalities. The primary approach would be to write an extension in C++. Lua can also be used, but only for HTTP traffic. In their talk, Zhou and Aurrahman introduced the possibility of extending Envoy with WebAssembly.

Dhi Auurahman & John Pleyvak, “Extending Envoy with WebAssembly”

Tetrate’s Zack Butcher joined an all-star “Ask Us Anything” panel to address challenging inquiries about microservices and service mesh.

Zack Butcher on KubeCon EU’s service mesh panel

And Tetrate CTO Jeyappragash (JJ) Jeyakeerthi presented on CNCF Security SIG, (formerly SAFE WG), the CNCF special interest group that helps TOC with cross-cutting concerns such as authentication, authorization, auditing, policy enforcement, privacy and compliance across all of the CNCF projects.

Jeyappragash (JJ) Jeyakeerthi at KubeCon

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