Going to KubeCon San Diego? Visit us at Booth SE65.

KubeCon is just 2 weeks away, and Tetrate is excited to be sending our engineers, including top Istio and Envoy contributors. Look for the newly released Istio roadmap, Istio Up and Running, by Lee Calcote and our own Zack Butcher. And stop by and ask us anything about bridging legacy with cloud native.

What’s happening at the booth?

We’re on-the-ground experts in service mesh, the infrastructure that lets you control, manage, secure and observe a large, distributed system. We are pioneering its enabling technologies and working with enterprise to ease their way to modernization. Come join us!

Istio Up and Running

Stop by the O’Reilly booth (S25) on Tuesday, Nov. 18 from 4-5, or Tetrate’s booth (SE65) on Thursday, Nov. 21 from 4-5, for a signed copy!

Schedule a meeting with us

Book a meeting with Tetrate’s Istio and Envoy contributors and maintainers at KubeCon to discuss how we can address your particular business needs.

EnvoyCon & ServiceMeshCon & EnvoyCon 2019

Tetrate is a sponsor and a participant in two zero-day (Nov. 18) co-located events, EnvoyCon and ServiceMeshCon 2019.

Monday, Nov. 18 • 01:10- 01:40pm

At EnvoyCon, Tetrate’s Liam White, with John Howard (Google) and Snow Petterson (Square), will present “Bringing Low Latency Topologies with Envoy”.

“This talk will go over how Envoy’s load balancing algorithms work, with a focus on how the different components of load balancing (priorities, localities, etc.) work together and how they interact with mechanisms such as retries and outlier detection. The speakers will make things more concrete by detailing how these components were used to implement Istio and Square’s locality load balancing features.”

Monday, Nov. 18 • 04:-0- 04:30pm

ServiceMeshCon is a vendor-neutral conference on service mesh technologies featuring service mesh project maintainers and showcasing lessons learned from service meshes running in production.

Zack Butcher will join the “Ask Me Anything about Service Mesh” Panel:

“As part of the cloud native journey, users are leveraging service mesh to solve the rising challenges of microservices in a consistent manner such as how to observe microservices, how to handle network failures, how to control traffic and how to secure microservices etc. without redeploying their services. Join us for a live interactive session where our panel of experts from ServiceMeshCon program review committee will address your most challenging inquiries around service mesh!”

Tetrate Talks at KubeCon

Tetrands will be participating in the following talks and panels:

Wednesday, Nov. 20 • 11:50am – 12:25pm “From Brownfield to Greenfield: Istio Service Mesh Journey at Freddie Mac,” Shriram Rajagopalan (Tetrate) and Lixun Qi (Freddie Mac)

“Freddie Mac is one of the two mortgage loan corporations in the United States managing trillions of dollars of assets across the country. Our infrastructure is spread across different Kubernetes providers, hardware load balancers, and large swaths of virtual machines. In this talk, we describe our service mesh adoption journey in a highly regulated financial compliance environment. We will discuss both greenfield and brownfield environments, to gain full visibility and traffic management capabilities using Istio/Envoy. We will highlight the changes to our GitOps development workflow, changes to our age old organizational practices, and how the service mesh journey forced us to foster deeper co-operation between traditionally siloed security, platform and application development teams as we tried to weave a mesh over the old and new.”

Wednesday, November 20 • 5:20pm – 5:55pm CNCF SIG-Security Deep Dive Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi (Tetrate, CNCF SIG-Security) & Zhipeng Huang (Huawei)

“Cloud Native” is open source cloud computing for applications — a complete trusted toolkit for modern architectures (CNCF presentation). There are multiple proposed projects which address key parts of the problem of providing access controls and addressing safety concerns. Each of these adds value, yet for these technical solutions to be capable of working well together and manageable to operate they will need a minimal shared context of what defines a secure system architecture.” This intermediate-level session will take place in room 32AB.

Thursday, Nov. 21 • 04:25 – 05:55 pm “Envoy Overview and Maintainer Q&A,” Harvey Tuch (Google); Lizan Zhou (Tetrate); Stephan Zuercher (Slack) and Snow Pettersen (Square).

A general overview of Envoy as well as a Q&A opportunity with maintainers in attendance.

Tetrate demos

Tetrate has a range of projects to help customers bridge their heterogenous workloads in one secure platform. We’ll be showcasing GetEnvoy and its recently released CLI that simplifies Envoy adoption. GetEnvoy makes it easy to install, manage and upgrade each Envoy instance with a single binary to streamline the process. Schedule a meeting with us to see our other products and tools like Tetrate Q and Apache SkyWalking that represent next-generation security and observability for modern architectures.

See you there!

Stop by booth #SE65 for swag, chat & demos or schedule a meeting with us to discuss your requirements.

Want to just hang out and enjoy life with us at KubeCon? You can always drop us at note at hello@tetrate.io or DM us @tetrateio.