As part of our tradition of promoting service mesh adoption, Tetrate is proud to announce our contribution of the first official CNCF Istio course through the Linux Foundation, called Introduction to Istio (LFS144x).

Istio has recently sailed into the CNCF and, according to Tetrate’s 2022 State of the Service Mesh Market Survey, it is now reaching the mainstream due to strong demand for service meshes driven by security and cloud migration needs. Tetrate has long been a champion of Istio adoption as top contributors to Istio and Envoy and through our open source Tetrate Istio Distro, which is the easiest way to get started with service mesh. We have also developed an extensive library of free online Istio and Envoy training via Tetrate Academy.

Add Service Mesh to Your Knowledge of Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes

This new course is a practical introduction to Istio, designed for anyone who wishes to build on their knowledge of Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes to learn how to install and configure a service mesh and to understand the benefits of deploying and running distributed applications in a service mesh environment. It provides crucial knowledge and insight into how to get the most out of Istio, especially if you are:

  • A developer who works on applications deployed in Istio
  • A service mesh operator who needs to install, upgrade, and configure Istio
  • A security engineer responsible for defining ingress, egress, authentication, and authorization policy

Introduction to Istio represents nearly 25 hours of learning material presented through a mix of narrative, hands-on labs, and accompanying videos. It covers the service mesh basics: Istio installation, security, traffic management, and observability. The course also addresses more advanced topics, including customizing the Envoy sidecar configuration, building and deploying Wasm plugins, and using Istio in multi-cluster scenarios and with non-containerized workloads like virtual machines.

Additional Resources for Learning Istio and Envoy

For access to more free learning resources on Istio and related technologies, visit the Tetrate Academy where you will find courses on Istio and Envoy, as well as on-demand workshops. Tetrate is also proud to offer the Certified Istio Administrator by Tetrate (CIAT) certification exam.  If you have already obtained your Kubernetes certifications, the next logical step is Istio certification.

If you’re just getting started with service mesh, our open source Tetrate Istio Distro is a vetted, upstream distribution of Istio—a hardened image of Istio with continued support that is simpler to install, manage, and upgrade.

You can reach the course authors Peter Jausovec and Eitan Suez (as well as other members of the Tetrate organization) through Tetrate’s community Slack organization which you can join via this invite link.