Webinar: Developer Friendly Zero Trust API Platform

This webinar will give help you understand why zero trust network is important and how you can build it for your applications without compromising your developer experience.

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As development moves toward cloud-native application development using containerized and distributed services, it has become important for developers to understand how these services work together. One of the key tools that help developers and organizations monitor, connect, and secure their microservices without requiring changes to application code is the open-source service mesh called Istio.

At Tetrate, using Istio and other open-source software, we created Tetrate Service Bridge(TSB) – a complete application networking solution that provides secure, reliable, and observable traffic delivery to all applications and APIs using one centralized governance platform across all environments for platform owners. This helps in creating a uniquely developer-friendly experience so that developers can focus on building business logic for the organizations. 


Who is this for?

People responsible for the secure delivery of traffic in companies with hybrid or multi-cloud environments, which support a large number of mixed applications.


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Duration: 45 minutes
Location: Virtual