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Accelerating the Zero Trust Journey in Federal Government

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Making Zero Trust Actionable

Government agencies are entrusted with handling vast amounts of sensitive information, ranging from national security data to personal information of citizens. This makes them prime targets for cyber attacks. As digital transformation accelerates with a growing hybrid workforce, continued cloud migration and the transformation of security operations, implementing a Zero Trust architecture has become critical to building a strong foundation for modernizing and securing federal agency infrastructure, while mitigating the impact of cyberattacks.

Tetrate’s Application Networking and Security Platform, built on open source Istio and Envoy, provides a government-ready Zero Trust architecture that meets the rigorous cybersecurity requirements of the federal government including FIPS 140-2, NIST 800-204A and NIST 800-207. As the first FIPS-certified Istio Distro, Tetrate offers FIPS-compliant Istio builds that have been vetted and tested for security. Tetrate also provides lifecycle management and enterprise support for Istio and Tetrate Service Bridge, ensuring that government agencies have access to a secure and reliable platform that meets their unique security and compliance needs.

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Tetrate’s platform provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for managing and securing service-to-service communication within a distributed application. Tetrate helps organizations achieve a Zero Trust security posture by enforcing strict access controls, providing encryption and segmentation and improving network visibility and control. With Tetrate you can:

Enhance Security


Zero Trust focuses on continuous validation across users, applications and infrastructure no matter where users are, what they do or where the application is.

Increased Visibility


Zero Trust provides increased visibility into network traffic and the contextual data behind access requests enabling security teams to quickly detect and respond to potential threats.

Ensure Compliance


Access controls and audit trails can be easily implemented with Tetrate’s platform, providing a clear record of who accessed what data and when.

Improve Mission Outcomes

Improve Mission

Build greater cyber resilience with a consistent approach to securing access and enforcing policies, then focus on what matters most – the mission.

Align With NIST’s Zero Trust Framework

Tetrate actively collaborates with NIST to define and promote the next generation of access control for microservices security. Tetrate’s founding Engineer, Zack Butcher is co-author of the U.S. security standards for microservices, the NIST SP 800-204 series as well as NIST SP 800-207A.

  • NIST SP 800-204A, focuses on the best practices, reference architectures and implementations for securing microservices.
  • NIST SP 800-204B, focuses specifically on identity, credential and access management (ICAM) in cloud environments.
  • NIST SP 800-204C focuses on the implementation of DevSecOps for a microservices-based application using a service mesh.
  • NIST SP 800-207A, provides guidance for Zero Trust at runtime.
Zero Trust Framework

By following the guidelines outlined in these publications, federal agencies can implement a Zero Trust architecture that provides strong security controls, reduces the risk of data breaches and helps to protect against advanced persistent threats (APTS).

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Washington DC

4th Annual Multi-Cloud Conference & Workshop

May 24-25th in Washington, D.C.

This unique two day event, co-sponsored by Tetrate, NIST and the DoC – brings together leading cybersecurity experts and government luminarties to explore what’s next in Zero Trust. This year’s conference and workshop focuses on delivering Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) through application-tier and network-tier policies in a high assurance service mesh operating environment – which makes enforcement of consistent, enterprise-wide policy no matter what cloud environment the application is running in.

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Learn how Tetrate Helps with Executive Order 14208

The White House is mandating the federal government to adopt security best practices and advance toward Zero Trust Security (ZTS). Tetrate can help federal agencies accelerate their Zero Trust initiatives and meet the critical deadlines outlined by the White House.

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Learn how federal agencies have put Zero Trust into action with Tetrate’s Application Networking & Security Platform.

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