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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh
Kubernetes Service Mesh

Manage Kubernetes Complexity

Seamlessly implement policies for security, identity, traffic management and more across every cluster with zero downtime.
Tetrate Service Mesh

Cloud-native applications have transformed the way we build, deploy and manage software. Kubernetes, with its powerful orchestration capabilities, has become the de facto standard for containerized application management. But there are unique challenges these approaches bring in terms of complexity, security and consistency.


The service mesh is an essential technology in modern cloud-native applications, especially those running on Kubernetes platform—it makes communication between services faster and more reliable and ensures compliance with service level objectives and data protection and privacy regulations. The service mesh also collects a trove of valuable data from logs, traces and metrics related to your network traffic. This data offers insights critical for optimizing performance and addressing bottlenecks.


Key Service Mesh Benefits Include:

Visibility and Insight


Through features like logging, tracing, and monitoring, a service mesh enhances visibility into the application’s behavior.

Traffic Management Systems

Traffic Management

Granular control over traffic management, facilitating effective routing and load balancing.



Implementation of encryption, authentication, and authorization mechanisms to ensure robust security practices.

Resilience Enhancement

Failure Recovery

Mechanisms for handling failures and ensuring the resilience of the overall system.

Kubernetes And Service Mesh Are Better Together

Kubernetes and the service mesh seamlessly complement each other to address different aspects of deploying and managing containerized, microservices-based applications. Kubernetes is essentially about application lifecycle management through declarative configuration, while a service mesh is essentially about providing inter-application traffic, security management and observability. Together, they provide a powerful platform for building and operating complex, distributed applications efficiently, securely and in a way that accelerates the productivity of developers, platform engineers, network and security professionals.

At a high level, the service mesh simplifies Kubernetes complexity by:

  1. Decoupling traffic management from Kubernetes by running proxies
  2. Centralizing and standardizing the management of networking concerns
  3. Improving overall security posture using mTLS to encrypt traffic for secure communication and enabling Zero Trust security operations across any environment
  4. Ensuring your system remains performant and efficient as it scales

Tetrate delivers an enterprise-ready service mesh built on open source Istio and Envoy to empower organizations with secure, resilient and observable microservices across environments. It empowers the consistent and streamlined deployment of applications across diverse Kubernetes clusters spanning different clouds.

Flexible Deployment Options

Tetrate Istio Subscription

Tetrate Istio Subscription

Easiest way to get started with open source Istio and Envoy

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Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway

Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway

Enterprise-ready Gateway API ingress for Kubernetes

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Tetrate Service Express

Tetrate Service Express

Fastest way to install, operate and manage Istio on Amazon EKS

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Tetrate Service Bridge

Tetrate Service Bridge

Enterprise-ready application networking and security platform

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Strengthen Security with Zero Trust

Implement security and identity policies directly into your YAML configuration to ensure consistency across VM and Kubernetes workloads.

Zero Trust Framework

With the perimeter-less nature of modern applications, distributed microservice architectures require fine-grained security. Tetrate’s service mesh provides dynamic, behavior-based security to protect microservices, APIs, and data across your multi-cloud environment.

With Zero Trust security out of the box, the service mesh helps ensure regulatory compliance and Shift Left with application security policies to increase velocity, as well as promote collaboration between developers, operations and security.

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