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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh
Financial Services Solutions

Tetrate Financial Services Solutions

Build secure, scalable cloud-native applications and innovate faster with the service mesh.
Tetrate Service Mesh

Financial services companies are undergoing a radical shift in how they do business and provide services to customers and partners. They are transitioning to the cloud and standardizing on Kubernetes to unlock new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and scalability. Simultaneously, they must adhere to stringent data, privacy, and security regulations.


Tetrate offers an enterprise-grade service mesh built on Zero Trust security principles. The mesh empowers banks and financial services organizations to enhance data quality, ensure regulatory compliance, modernize security processes and embrace microservices-based architectures. These capabilities are crucial for efficiently managing the complexity and meeting the stringent security requirements of today’s financial systems and applications.


Key Benefits with Tetrate:

Strengthen Cyber Resilience

Modernize Security

Gain real-time visibility into all services through a centralized management plane. Secure traffic to your application with automatic mTLS to make apps more resilient and safe.

Reduce Operational Complexity

Zero Trust Approach

Reduce the risk of data exposure and loss and easily establish a security posture with mTLS for microservices-based applications.

Business Agility and Continuity

Simplify Kubernetes Management

Leverage service mesh in Kubernetes for enhanced logging, tracing and monitoring capabilities to effectively identify and troubleshoot issues.

Speed delivery - FedRAMP

Speed Time-to-Value

Seamlessly integrate with CI/CD pipelines, eliminating configuration drift with declarative configuration to accelerate Time-to-Value for new services and applications.

Simplify Kubernetes and Multi-Cloud Complexity

Managing multi-cluster and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments can be complex, especially when it comes to scaling, securing and monitoring cloud-native applications. Tetrate delivers an enterprise-ready service mesh built on open source Istio and Envoy to empower organizations with secure, resilient and observable microservices across environments.

Flexible Deployment Options

Tetrate Istio Subscription

Tetrate Istio Subscription

Easiest way to get started with open source Istio and Envoy

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Tetrate Service Bridge

Tetrate Service Bridge

Enterprise-ready application networking and security platform

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Embrace a Zero Trust Security Model

Zero Trust follows the principle of never trust, always verify.


Tetrate’s Zero Trust solution adheres to NIST 800-207A standards. Leverage identity based segmentation and the concept of least privileged access for every access decision using the service mesh.

Cyber Resilience

Enhance Cyber Resilience

Enable proactive operations and faster diagnostics. Contain and reduce the impact of breaches for uninterrupted mission execution.

Protect Your Data

Protect Your Data

Keep data’s confidentiality, integrity and availability in compliance with government requirements such as NIST 800-53, FedRAMP, FIPS and GDPR.

Zero Trust Security

Enable Zero Trust At Scale

Enforce security policies and validate identities for every service-to-service communication.

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