Announcing Tetrate Istio Subscription! 100% Upstream Istio, FIPS-Verified

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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh

Tetrate Istio Subscription

FIPS-compliant and FIPS-verified Istio distributions with the support you need to deploy in production environments.

Tetrate Istio Subscription

Tetrate Istio Subscription has everything you need to run Istio and Envoy in highly regulated and mission-critical production environments. It includes Tetrate Istio Distro, a 100% upstream distribution of Istio and Envoy that is FIPS-verified and FedRAMP ready. For teams requiring open source Istio and Envoy without proprietary vendor dependencies, Tetrate offers the ONLY 100% upstream Istio enterprise support offering.

Speed delivery

  • Longer CVE support means fewer upgrades & more innovation
  • Access to Istio experts to unblock development
  • FIPS builds offer shortcut to FedRAMP

Reduce risk

  • CVE patches eliminate known vulnerabilities
  • Access to Istio experts ensure proper, safe configuration best practices
  • FIPS builds proven for FedRAMP authorization

Streamline Ops

  • Longer version lifecycle means fewer disruptive upgrades
  • Access to Istio experts speeds troubleshooting, MTTI & MTTR for critical apps

Extended Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Protection

Open Source Default Version

Tetrate Istio Subscription

Production Assurance
Support time window
Only 8 months
14 months
Supported version window
2 prior versions
4 prior versions
Daily CVE scans
24-hour triage and 5-day mitigation SLA for critical vulnerabiliities
Nearly double upgrade window
Stability for app teams and stakeholders
Reduced lifecycle management overhead
24/7 availability
1 hour response time
Escalation path to Istio and Envoy maintainers
Best Practices Optimizations
Increase availability and reduce response time with monitoring and observability best practices
Increase security with configuration and settings audits
Reduce upgrade overhead and reduce risk with lifecycle management best practices
Reduce infrastructure costs with traffic config optimization

Accelerate Your FedRAMP Journey with Tetrate Istio Subscription

Instant Access to Industry’s Only FIPS-Verified Istio Distribution

  • Meets FIPS 140-2 validated modules for encrypting data in transit.
  • FIPS-validated open source crypto (Google BoringCrypto)
  • Uses official BoringCrypto library, not a fork of critical security code
  • Instant access to FIPS-verification letter & self-service FIPS image

Validated Cloud Providers

To ensure a seamless experience in the environments you actually use, Tetrate Istio Distro is extensively tested for performance and compatibility across multiple Kubernetes versions on AWS, GCP and Azure.

See how Tetrate Istio Distro and Tetrate Istio Subscription Compare

EKS Add-On

Tetrate Istio Subscription is the first service mesh deployable as an EKS add-on with one click Istio installation – validated by AWS.