Tetrate Service Bridge Reaches 1.0 With Customers in Production

TSB accelerates cloud migration and seamless connectivity between monolith- and microservices-based applications

Press Coverage  | 07 April 2021

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tetrate announced today the general availability of Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) 1.0, a platform-agnostic and cloud-agnostic application connectivity platform that is already being used in production by Fortune 500 companies. The announcement comes on the heels of Tetrate’s $40 million Series B round led by Sapphire Ventures with participation from Scale Venture Partners, NTTVC, Dell Technologies Capital, Intel Capital, 8VC, and Samsung NEXT.

With every industry undergoing digital transformation, enterprises today are modernizing and/or migrating to the cloud to achieve organizational agility and give their customers the best experience faster than their competition. An application stack built with microservices and cloud-native architecture enables this, while traditional data centers now coexist with private and public clouds. With this change in the application stack, application networking and security issues spiral. Enterprises therefore need an application-aware networking layer — so they can connect, secure, control, and observe their applications wherever they are running.

Created by Istio founders, Tetrate Service Bridge is the only edge-to-workload application connectivity platform that provides enterprises with a unified and consistent way to connect and secure services across a mesh-managed environment. It’s specifically designed for organizations who have multi-cluster, multitenant, and multi-cloud deployments. By providing seamless connectivity between traditional and modern workloads, Tetrate Service Bridge makes it faster and safer to modernize and incrementally migrate, without the fear of downtime. With TSB, users can embrace public, private, or hybrid cloud faster.

“Tetrate, via Istio and their platform, has enabled end-to-end encryption and PCI compliance for our AWS EKS workloads and also helped improve our operational efficiency,” said Jeet Kaul, VP of Engineering, FICO.

“The move to modernize almost always makes things messier for enterprises. They grapple with the complexity of straddling monolithic and microservices architectures, especially with heterogeneous application runtimes and infrastructures in an already complex organization. TSB is designed to alleviate this problem. Application developers can just configure their APIs for behavior they want and TSB will make it happen in their infrastructure, across VMs, K8s, other environments on any private or public cloud,” said Tetrate CEO Varun Talwar. “It can be transformative for an organization’s productivity, and for application reliability and security.”

Key features of TSB include:

  • A single pane for managing a heterogeneous environment of Kubernetes, Virtual Machines, bare metal servers, on-premises and cloud — all in one place, and in a standardized, controlled way
  • Multitenancy: Create tenants for teams within your business to define fine-grained access control and editing rights, and to maintain zero trust as a standard. Audit changes to services and shared resources from start to finish
  • Architecture built on top of the best-in-class open source projects — Istio, Envoy Proxy, and Apache SkyWalking: TSB provides a management platform on top of these for a consumable app networking mesh that integrates with the organization using it
  • Native multi-cluster support: Users can manage app connectivity across infrastructure (multi-cluster, multi-cloud, on-prem) — from a single point of control
  • Lifecycle management: Platform owners can manage the lifecycle of Istio and Envoy on-prem and in the cloud
    Service inventory with global observability
  • Vetted and validated upstream Istio with a FIPS compatible build option
  • Out-of-the-box conformance with NIST standards for microservice security (SP800-204a and -204b, co-authored with NIST by Tetrate engineers)


TSB 1.0 is available now. Tetrate offers annual subscription-based commercial licenses to Tetrate Service Bridge that comes with support. Tetrate’s next offering will be Tetrate Cloud, a SaaS offering of TSB; early access will be available soon. For more information, read the TSB 1.0 release blog.

About Tetrate

Started by Istio founders to reimagine application networking, Tetrate is the enterprise service mesh company managing the complexity of modern, hybrid cloud application infrastructure. Its flagship product, Tetrate Service Bridge, provides a comprehensive, enterprise-ready service mesh platform built for multi-cluster, multitenancy, and multi-cloud deployments. Customers get consistent, baked-in observability, runtime security and traffic management in any environment. Tetrate remains a top contributor to the open source projects Istio and Envoy Proxy. Find out more at www.tetrate.io.

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