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Tetrate’s Guide to Federal Security
Requirements for Microservices

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides a comprehensive set of security strategies for microservices applications that is part of a critical set of documents defining the US government’s standards of zero trust. Co-authored with NIST by Tetrate founding engineer Zack Butcher, the SP 800-204 series focuses on strategies for implementing a zero trust network architecture and secure communications between microservices as well as between microservices and external systems and end users.

Download this guide for a comprehensive overview of NIST’s security recommendations for microservices.


This document offers a concise representation of NIST’s specific recommendations paired with notes on how Tetrate’s flagship application connectivity platform, Tetrate Service Bridge, implements the standard.

This document is for security professionals, platform owners, and application developers looking for a compilation of NIST’s security standards for microservices-based applications.

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