Tetrate Enterprise Gateway for Envoy—the cloud-native service gateway—has reached 1.0!

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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh

Zero Trust

Protect your apps with end-to-end, dynamic, L7 access control

Tetrate Sets the Standards for Zero Trust Networking

Dynamic Authn/z


We use NGAC to authenticate access to your applications. It is an advanced implementation of RBAC, developed by NIST scholar David Ferraiolo.

End-to-End mTLS


Enable mTLS and prevent eavesdropping and ensure message authenticity and integrity with a click of a button across all your environments.

Trust bounded in Space & Time


Network location alone does not imply trust. Once authorized, access is granted only for a limited time and with least possible privileges.

Observable & Auditable


Integrity and security posture of all assets are continuously monitored and policy enforcement continuously assured. Insights gained from observing are fed back to improve policy.

Get Zero Trust from the People Who Set the Standards

Tetrate partners with NIST to develop standards for Zero Trust

NIST SP 800-207
NIST SP 800-204A
NIST SP 800-204B

Tetrate partners with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to define and promote the standards for Zero Trust. NIST special publication 800-207 defines zero trust architecture. The SP 800-204, 800-204A, and 800-204B, co-authored by Tetrate offer deployment recommendations.

Tetrate Service Bridge

The only application connectivity platform with Zero Trust built-in

Application connectivity platform

Comes preloaded with all of the controls to meet US ZTA standards, so your developers can focus on business.

App-level zoning allows for secure, fine-grained segmentation. Vetted workflows allow application, platform, and infosec teams to effectively manage policies for the entire organization. A centralized view of config changes with policy controls enables audit and continuous proof of compliance.

Connect and Secure All Your Workloads Across Environments

Integrate with your existing systems and teams

Organization Aware


Enable governance across teams with infrastructure mapping to teams, workspaces, and applications.

Ensure Policy at Runtime


Application-level segmentation with end-to-end encryption in transit plus strong end-user and workload identity, authentication and authorization.

Always Know Your Security Posture


Auditable runtime and historical proof of enforcement, plus operational awareness, including metrics, logs and traces, globally across your entire fleet