Tetrate Enterprise Gateway for Envoy—the cloud-native service gateway—has reached 1.0!

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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh
Tetrate Service Bridge

Why Tetrate Service Bridge

Enterprise-ready with the manageability, reliability and security required for production environments.
Tetrate Service Bridge - Single Management Plane

A Single Management Plane For All Your Microservices

Tetrate Service Bridge builds upon the advantages of 100% upstream Istio and Envoy with a powerful UI that allows you to connect, manage and secure an entire application fleet from a single pane of glass. Platform teams get end-to-end visibility into their application fleet in order to spot and fix issues before they affect customers. And developers are free to focus on their code with a consistent framework in place.

Adaptability in Business

Business Agility

Give Developers the tools they need to confidently deploy and release faster. Gain insight into steady-state app behavior with the visibility needed to proactively detect and correct issues before an outage occurs.


Security and Isolation

Tetrate Service Bridge goes beyond traditional network segmentation to ensure it’s safe for applications to talk to each other. Multi-tenancy provides guardrails for teams working in shared environments to operate safely.

High Availability (HA) Systems

Business Continuity

Tetrate Service Bridge provides the resiliency primitives, visibility and cross-cluster traffic management needed to prevent outages and ensure applications are highly available and resilient in any environment.

Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Tetrate Service Bridge is built specifically for heterogeneous, multi-site deployments, enabling seamless cross-cluster communication. Control how traffic arrives at your clusters with edge and application gateways. Manage application connectivity with simple, consistent workflows, regardless of where they’re deployed.

Enhancing Flexibility and Operational Performance

Ship code faster by standardizing the way your applications communicate. Replace patchworks of custom gateways. Instead, offload security, connectivity and observability to the mesh to increase agility and operational efficiency across your organization.

Manage Application Connectivity

Seamlessly manage application connectivity across your entire infrastructure – including multiple clusters, multiple clouds and on premises – from a single point of control. Tetrate Service Bridge was built from the ground up to support hybrid network and compute environments, reducing the complexity of managing application networking across your entire environment.

Service Mesh Management

Eliminate the difference between north-south and east-west traffic. Tetrate Service Bridge combines edge, ingress and service mesh management together, eliminating the need for different products focused on gateway vs. service mesh management. With Tetrate, there is just application traffic.

Application Connectivity

Comprehensive application connectivity coordinates policy, configuration, observability and lifecycle across your entire application network.

  • Global traffic routing, rate-limiting, load balancing and failover
  • Fault tolerance capabilities like timeouts, retries, and circuit breakers
  • Enforce authentication, authorization, and encryption including mTLS
  • Fine-grained traffic control across all your compute clusters
  • Traffic shifting between VMs and Kubernetes

Pre-Built Zero Trust Architecture For Microservices

Simplify your journey to Zero Trust with Tetrate Service Bridge, a single platform used to connect, monitor and secure microservices at scale – integrated with the tools you need to implement a Zero Trust architecture. Vetted workflows allow Platform and Security teams to effectively manage policies enterprise-wide.

Zero Trust in the Enterprise - White Paper

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Tetrate have co-authored a series of papers to define the standards and deployment recommendations for Zero Trust in the enterprise. These special publications include the SP 800-204A-C series and SP 800-207A on security for microservices applications which offer recommendations for implementing Zero Trust architecture using a service mesh. In addition, SP 800-207: Zero Trust Architecture defines the tenets of Zero Trust network security and offers recommendations for how to adopt it in your organization. Tetrate enables you to move move beyond security features, to a NIST endorsed Zero Trust Architecture.

Centralized control of policy

Take security concerns out of the application code stack and put them in the application networking platform where they belong. Give your security team centralized control of policy for all your applications. Free your application developers from implementing security controls.

Protected Multitenant Environments

Give application teams the tools they need to manage their services without stepping on each other’s toes. Reduce the risk of accidental misconfiguration or malicious attack by limiting access to only the resources each team needs. Maintain agility while ensuring security across your organization by enforcing consistent global policies while delegating control to individual application teams.

Cloud Compliance and Governance

Tetrate Service Bridge provides Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) compliant modules wherever encrypted communication is required. In addition, out-of-the box controls ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Audit log exports are also available to provide proof of current and historical adherence to governance and compliance standards.

Aggregated Multi-Cluster Observability

Tetrate Service Bridge makes it easy to monitor the health and performance of your applications as well as apply SLOs across you entire application fleet. This detailed telemetry enables operators to observe service behavior and empowers them to efficiently troubleshoot, maintain and optimize their applications.



Application Troubleshooting

See the topology of your services and their dependency relationships to understand application health at a glance. Correlated metrics, traces, logs and lifecycle events make it easier to troubleshoot applications and reduce MTTI and MTTR.

Application monitoring tools

Get a consistent set of both service and app-level signals from all your applications. Ensure alerts get to the right teams so they can take action as performance degradation starts, before your users notice. Skywalking under the hood means data collection will scale efficiently with your applications.

Application Performance Management

Give app teams a view of their service topology and dependencies at a glance. Provide them the tools they need to manage their SLOs. Ensure alerts get to the right people.

Establishing Application and Service-Level Objectives (SLOs)

Collect consistent baseline metrics for all applications without having to get them from each app team. Create, measure and monitor both app and service-level SLOs across all your fleet. Use that in-depth knowledge of app behaviors to recognize anomalies and take action before users notice.

Reliability And High Availability

Ensure business continuity with Tetrate Service Bridges’s built-in scalability and high availability capabilities. View the context of your applications, their dependencies and where they are deployed to understand global health and manage SLOs across your entire fleet.

Disaster Recovery Tools

Offload reliability concerns to the mesh by using built-in recovery features like timeouts, retries and circuit breakers. Increase the ability to mitigate cascading failures with client-side load balancing. Decrease latency and minimize egress costs with locality-aware load balancing that ensures local traffic stays local.

Reliable Software Releases

Increase release cadence with built-in tools to measure when it’s safe to release newly deployed versions of your services to live traffic. Tetrate Service Bridge gives you the confidence to move quickly plus the tools to safely roll back to a good state when needed.

Seamless Application Migration and Optimization

Easily shift traffic from sick clusters to healthy ones, before your users notice. Equip app teams with the tools they need to understand their applications’ health and take action on early indicators with the best information possible at their fingertips.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Take the labor and risk out of updating new app versions as well as your underlying mesh infrastructure. Give your app teams the primitives for fast, safe application updates. Make it easy and safe for platform operators to keep application infrastructure up-to-date.

Network load balancing

Offload reliability concerns to the mesh by using built-in recovery features like timeouts, retries and circuit breakers. Increase the ability to mitigate cascading failures with client-side load balancing. Decrease latency and minimize egress costs with locality-aware load balancing that ensures local traffic stays local.

Enterprise Support

Tetrate Support is your strategic partner in enabling successful adoption of an Istio-powered service mesh to accelerate your move to microservices. We provide enterprise-grade expertise, technology and tooling to optimize performance, lower costs and achieve faster case resolution.

Istio support and services

Tetrate provides production Istio support and services from the founders and maintainers of Istio and Envoy. Our standard offering includes 24/7 production support, service level agreements (SLAs) based on incident type, monthly or quarterly customer success team reviews, architecture and operational guidance and more.
Powered by a vetted and validated build of upstream Istio with FIPS-compatible options available.

FIPS compliance certificate

Tetrate Service Bridge was architected from the ground up for mission-critical and regulated environments. Tetrate Service Bridge embeds a vetted and validated build of upstream Istio:

  • Hardened, performant and fully upstream builds of Istio for common hardware (AMD64, v7, ARM64)
  • FIPS-verified Istio and Envoy builds using FIPS-validated open source crypto including a FIPS compliance certificate
  • SLAs for vulnerability patches (CVEs) backported for supported for N-4 versions of Istio.
  • Tested by Tetrate on all major Kubernetes environments including EKS, EKS Anywhere, GKE and AKE
Improve security and compliance

From solution implementation to education, best practices guidelines, architecture reviews and more, Tetrate can help your organization improve security and compliance and increase operational efficiency with measurable results. Our professional services offerings include individualized training, onboarding accelerators and technical account managers all designed to streamline your implementation, build agility and maximize the value of your investment.

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