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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh
Service Mesh Deployment

Tetrate Service Express

Providing service connectivity, Zero Trust security and resilience on Amazon EKS.
Service Mesh Technologies

Rapidly Deliver Business Value With Istio on Amazon EKS

Tetrate Service Express provides automatable service connectivity, security and resilience on Amazon EKS. Instead of learning complex Istio and AWS configuration, Platform teams can deploy Tetrate Service Express to achieve multi-cluster failover, mTLS enforcement and seamless integration with AWS services faster. It is designed to offer an easy-to-deploy option on EKS so that DevOps teams can quickly evidence the ROI of an Istio-powered service mesh.

Tetrate Service Express simplifies Istio on Amazon EKS, making it faster to deploy Istio in production so you can:

Enterprise-grade Service Mesh

Rapidly deploy an enterprise-grade service mesh on Amazon EKS

Install Istio, Envoy, and integrate with Amazon Route 53 and NLB automatically.

Reduce risk - CVE patches, Istio, FedRAMP authorization

Enforce Zero Trust policies reliably between EKS services

Turn on deny-all-by-default and mTLS between all services with one step.

API Gateway

Rapidly deploy apps across EKS clusters and AWS regions

Perform canary releases, reduce the blast radius with microsegmentation, create redundancy with high-availability services.

App dev experience for microservices on AWS

Improve app dev experience for microservices on AWS

Create a GitOps-driven publishing experience, pushing applications from a git-based source of truth.

Why Tetrate Service Express

Service Mesh - EKS Add-On

Amazon EKS is one of the most popular ways to deploy microservices on Kubernetes, but running large-scale production workloads on EKS creates new complications: 

  • Security concerns as the microservice components are distributed across one or more clusters or regions
  • Reliability concerns as individual services, clusters, and even entire regions can fail
  • Traffic Management concerns to address scalability, security, rate limiting and rolling-upgrade risks
  • Operational concerns with the additional complexity of the Kubernetes stack and the higher risk of configuration error

Service Mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer on top of microservices that provides service discovery, security, authentication and observability across the microservice components. Istio and Envoy are the open source standards for the service mesh control and data plane, but Istio and Envoy are only partial solutions because they add new operational complexities for platform teams running Amazon EKS.


Tetrate Service Express provides service mesh automation for platform teams on top of Istio and Envoy. It handles the installation and configuration of open source components on Amazon EKS, integrates with AWS services and provides a management console for platform operators to configure the service mesh for security, resilience and observability faster.

Tetrate Service Express is designed specifically for teams that need to quickly prove the technical and business benefits of a service mesh for Amazon EKS without having to master the complexities of Istio and Envoy or creating technical debt when managing open source software.

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