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Tetrate Enterprise ready service mesh

Tetrate Enterprise 
Envoy Gateway

The enterprise-ready distribution of Envoy Gateway, the cloud native service gateway.

Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway

When delivering mission-critical applications from Kubernetes platforms, only the fastest, most hardened and proven solution will do. Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway (TEG) has everything you need to run Envoy Gateway as ingress in your production environments. It includes a 100% upstream distribution of Envoy Gateway, and provides rich configuration and management to deliver applications securely, authenticate user traffic, protect services with rate limiting and WAF, and integrate with your observability stack to monitor and observe activity.

Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway maximizes the capabilities of open-source Envoy and Envoy Gateway as quickly as possible, so you can:

Manage Application Delivery

Configure application rollout from GitOps pipelines and other automation tooling, using the scalable Kubernetes Gateway API.

Authenticate User Traffic

Integrate with OpenID Connect providers to enable Single Sign On, reduce developer burden and ensure a consistent identity framework.

Protect Critical Applications

Deploy global rate limiting and WAF-based security, to ensure your best day doesn’t become your worst nightmare.

Scale across Clusters and Clouds

From edge to application, grow to global scale with tiered gateway and multi-cluster load balancing.

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Built on Open Source for a Multi-Cloud World

Tetrate is a leading contributor to open source Envoy and Envoy Gateway. Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway brings them to the enterprise, with the scale, reliability, performance and security necessary for large and mission-critical apps. Whatever your Kubernetes platforms of choice, rely on Tetrate’s expertise to deliver your services without missing a beat.

The Best of Envoy and Envoy Gateway, Ready for the Enterprise



Envoy Gateway

Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway

Config API
K8s Gateway API
K8s Gateway API
Proxy Runtime
Control Plane
Rate Limiting
OAuth2 & OpenID Connect
Coraza WAF
Grafana Dashboard Configurations
Service Discovery Integration
Tiered Ingress: Tier 1 (Edge) & Tier 2 (App) Gateways
Cross-Cluster Ingress & Failover
FIPS-Compliant Distributions Suitable for FedRAMP
Lifecycyle Management
CVE Reporting
Enterprise Support