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Welcome to Tetrate’s media and analyst inquiries page. We appreciate your interest in our company and are excited to collaborate with members of the media to share our story, insights, and innovations in the world of microservices.

About Tetrate

Rooted in open source, Tetrate was founded to solve the application networking and security challenges created by modern computing so enterprises can innovate with speed and safety in hybrid and multicloud environments. As applications evolve into collections of decentralized microservices, monitoring and managing the network communications and security among those myriad services becomes challenging. This is why some of the largest financial institutions, governments and other enterprises rely on Tetrate to deliver modern application networking and security. 

Why Choose Tetrate for Your Story

When you choose Tetrate for your story or inquiry, you gain access to:

  • Industry Expertise: Our team of experts is well-versed in microservices, security and digital transformation trends.
  • Innovative Insights: Stay informed about the latest developments in microservices management and security.
  • Company Updates: Get the latest news and updates about Tetrate’s products, partnerships and achievements.
  • Interviews and Resources: Arrange interviews with our leadership team and access valuable resources for your stories.

Connect with Our Media Team

For media inquiries, interviews, or requests for information, please reach out to our media relations team. We are committed to providing timely and valuable assistance to members of the media.

Robert Cathey
Cathey.co for Tetrate
+1 865-386-6118

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