Why Tetrate Service Bridge?

The move to modernize can make things messy. Enterprises grapple with the complexity of straddling monolithic and microservices architectures–especially with heterogeneous application runtimes and infrastructures in an already complex organization. TSB helps you manage this complexity across your entire fleet, in any environment, on any compute.

Business agility

Go faster, safely. Give app developers the tools they need to deploy and release faster, with confidence. Gain insight into steady-state app behavior and the visibility needed to see and fix developing issues before there’s an outage.

  • Traffic shaping and canary controls
  • Service discovery across clusters and data centers
  • Workflows for faster, safer rollouts
  • Faster application troubleshooting with lower mean time to identify and resolve
Security and Isolation

Beyond traditional network segmentation, TSB enables application-level segmentation to ensure it’s safe for apps to talk to each other. Multi-tenancy provides guardrails for teams working in shared environments to safely operate without stepping on each other’s toes.

  • Multi-tenancy based on your existing org structure
  • Cross-cluster security policies and access control
  • Application-level segmentation: fine-grained ingress & egress controls
Business Continuity

Making sure your apps are highly available and resilient is hard—especially when they’re spread out across complex heterogeneous infrastructure. TSB gives teams the resiliency primitives, visibility, and cross-cluster traffic management needed to prevent outages.

  • Resiliency, high-availability, and disaster recovery
  • Unified telemetry and SLO management

Use Cases

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